Large Helium Balloons

Large helium balloons for attracting customers.

Large Helium Balloons

Large helium balloons are great for advertising!  They are visual attention catchers, and they can be made into a variety of custom shapes, sizes, and colors. Various slogans and business details can be added on to them to provide all of the information necessary to sell their products. Here are a couple of examples of how they are great and why using large helium balloons as advertisements can greatly increase product sales.

Giant 7 ft. Helium BalloonLarge 7 ft. Helium Balloon

Have you ever driven down the street near a car dealership and seen a big giant balloon in the shape of a car? Maybe it says something like “Bob’s New and Used Cars”. Have you thought of whether or not you would have noticed that same dealership had it not had that big helium balloon floating 200 feet in the air? Large helium balloons are real attention catchers. They are shocking to the eye because people are not used to seeing them very often.

Giant Helium Balloon with Vertical BannerLarge Helium Balloon with Vertical Banner

On top of being attention catchers for adults, they will also catch the attention of little kids. “Mommy, look at that big balloon!” A child may be in the car with their parents and mommy is driving along without paying much mind, but to a kid who’s staring out the window, a big giant balloon in the shape of a car might be really exciting. The child will then alert the parents to the balloon, where they will see the ad. Maybe a couple of months down the road, the car breaks down, and now mommy and daddy are in need of a new vehicle. They remember the dealership because their child alerted them to it while they were mindlessly driving to wherever they were going.

Giant 7 ft. helium balloon with ShamrockGiant 7 ft. helium balloon with Shamrock

As you can see, giant helium balloons are a great way to promote products. They are an easy way to help bring money into a business.

Large Balloons For Business

Large balloons for business promotions.

Large balloons are an unusual and effective method for drawing traffic in to a special event or sale. The large inflatables fly high in the air with the aid of helium gas, to be seen from far and wide by thousands of passers-by. Large balloons, advertising blimps and other super size inflatable advertising balloons have a long history of successful use by many advertisers. Car dealers use them for regular daily promotion in addition to special events or seasonal messages. New businesses use large balloons to draw traffic in to their grand opening events, lighting them from the ground for nighttime visibility.

Giant 17.5 ft. Hot-air Balloon Shape Helium BalloonLarge 17.5 ft. Hot-air Balloon Shape Helium Balloon

When you drive down the highway and see a large inflatable flying high over a business, it peaks curiosity. This brings in to sales and special events many persons who otherwise would have driven right past that location. Once people arrive, the job of the balloon is done as business salespeople take over to try to make their sales opportunity become a closed deal.

Giant Diamond Shape Helium BalloonLarge Diamond Shape Helium Balloon

You can purchase your own custom large balloon for less than a print ad or radio/television ad schedule may cost. The balloon is durable and easy to manage so you can use it again and again, thus reducing your cost of the investment. Our balloons, advertising blimps and custom inflatable shapes are made from special polyurethane materials manufactured right here in the USA. They are preferred over regular PVC that can produce carcinogens. Our large balloons retain helium better, are lighter, fly better, last longer and are wrinkle free upon inflation even after storage.

Giant 17 ft. advertising blimp with Ferrari logoGiant 17 ft. advertising blimp with Ferrari logo

It is an excellent choice to purchase or rent large balloons or other custom inflatable for your promotional efforts. Their very large size means your message will be highly visible over long distances. Giant balloons are guaranteed to attract much wanted attention.

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Large Balloons Equal Success

Large balloons bring success to your business or event.

Large Balloons = Success by any standard.

Large helium filled inflatable balloons, advertising blimps and custom shaped balloons easily draw attention from passers-by. Giant balloons can be seen from long distances. They fly high up over a business to advertise a special event or sale. Ground tethered giant balloons can tower to very noticeable heights above customers, or be placed on rooftop for added visibility. Most who view a large balloon on even a distant horizon will wonder what the special occasion is all about. Many are drawn in to that location to discover in person what is happening.

Giant 7 ft. Helium Balloon with logoLarge 7 ft. Helium Balloon with logo

Giant balloons are definitely successful at drawing attention and boosting visitor traffic to a location where they are displayed. Large balloons are also successful at bringing down the marketing bottom line because on a cost basis versus traffic numbers, large balloons hold way more than their weight against print or other media advertising.

Giant Helium Balloons with Stihl logoLarge Helium Balloons with Stihl logo

Balloons are available for rent or purchase. If purchased, giant balloons are compact and easy to store and withstand storage well. They do not retain wrinkles following storage as inflation will smooth them out. Our balloons are made from a superior grade of polyurethane that holds helium better and is very durable. Large balloons are lightweight, fly or rise with ease. They can be ordered in different custom shapes and sizes.

Giant cube shape helium balloon with logoLarge cube shape helium balloon with logo

Renting large balloons to test their success is a great way to find out how much better they can work for your next special event than some other methods of advertising. There are stock balloons that are ready to go immediately with generic designs and slogans. Or, you can custom order your own reusable inflatable balloon or blimp. These are colorful, fun and imaginative extra large balloons that everyone enjoys seeing and wants to look at up close. Try it!

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