Custom Balloons For Events

Large custom balloons for sales, trade shows, events and promotions.

Custom Balloons for Events

There is something about a balloon that just gets people’s attention. Perhaps it’s because almost everything we see around us is a square or rectangle; buildings, doors, windows, streets, signs etc… But a rounded or custom shaped balloon gets the attention of your clients. Now isn’t that what you need?

Custom Cube Shape Helium BalloonCustom Cube Shape Helium Balloon

I’m a real estate agent and I host open houses at least twice a week. I post announcements online and through mailers and emails but with very little response. Nearly every buyer that walks through my door, came in because they “were driving by and saw the balloons outside…”. They just get attention and they get us noticed when people aren’t necessarily expecting it. Custom balloons make it appear as if there’s a party going on and everybody loves a party!

Custom Helium Advertising BlimpCustom Helium Advertising Blimp

When clients come in to check out a home, we have small custom company balloons available for them and their kids. Although it takes very few of our advertising dollars, pennies really, it is one of the best strategies to keep us in the forefront of their mind. They are literally taking our name home with them and that’s going to keep us remembered so that when they think of purchasing again, we come to mind first.

Custom balloons for the events that my agency hosts is the only way to go. They draw in clients like I never thought possible and they’re the most effective form of advertising that we do. I’d highly recommend them from We love what they’ve got!