Large Balloons for Successful Promotions

Large balloons for successful promotions.

Large Balloons Can Make Your Latest Promotion a Success

Looking for a way to really advertise your business’s latest promotion? Well, there is one advertising strategy that has been tried, tested, and proven effective over decades in driving customers to brick and mortar businesses. It’s also available to entrepreneurs for one relatively cheap investment especially compared to other costly choices such as billboard advertising and extremely expensive television or newspaper advertising campaigns.

Giant 25 ft. Snowman BalloonLarge 25 ft. Snowman Balloon

You’ve probably seen this advertising secret at work many times before. Perhaps you were driving down the highway when you spotted a gigantic inflatable gorilla promoting a sale at a car dealership or when you saw a blimp from miles away floating high above the sky, announcing the opening of a new store to everyone in the city below. Giant advertising balloons such as these capture your imagination and demand your attention, and getting the attention of customers in the first place is the number one key to successful advertising campaigns.

Move Business with a Giant Cow BalloonMove Business with a Giant Cow Balloon

Not only will a giant balloon give your business the attention it needs to make that latest promotion a success, it will give you a strong advantage over your competition. It’s simple psychology. People are attracted to the flashy, the extraordinary, and the grandiose. If two businesses offer relatively the same product or service and both are holding promotions, the one that will get noticed by customers first and make the most sales will be the one with the giant, colorful balloon announcing the promotion to everyone that sees it.

Giant Strawberry Helium BalloonGiant Strawberry Helium Balloon

Other forms of advertising could miss your targeted customer base. However, large balloon advertising is nearly impossible to go unnoticed by the people who live in your community and commute past your business every day. So why don’t you try out a large balloon for yourself and see why they are such a proven advertising solution?

Large Balloon Rental

Large balloon rental for promotions and events.

Large Balloon Rental Will Get Results!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a great huge people magnet that you could use to attract people to your next event? This would be something that you could hang over your business that people could not miss, something that would draw them into the parking lot. After all, we all know the success of any event, sales or otherwise, is getting the people to come.

Giant Balloons for PromotionsGiant Balloons for Promotions

Well, it may not be a people magnet, but a giant balloon rental with your message has the same kind of draw. When you place one of these huge helium filled giant balloons about 150 feet in the air over your store, people notice. It can be seen for miles and balloons mean fun and balloons mean bargains, and balloons mean business.

The thing about these huge balloons in addition to their attracting power is how cost effective they are to use. You can rent one of these puppies for about the price of a full page newspaper ad. It could be a puppy, or a kitten, or a truck, or a really big man. or whatever your imagination can come up with. A huge vampire with your message in red might do the trick for a blood drive.

Giant Wizard Balloon for RentGiant Wizard Balloon for Rent

It’s not hard to find large balloon rentals wherever you are located. Just go online and type in giant balloon rental in your search engine and you’ll find lots of sites where friendly people will go out of their way to help you. If you are doing the same thing over and over such as a blood drive, you might want to consider purchasing a giant balloon to use each time. For most businesses however, large balloon rental is the best way to go. That way, every event can be different.

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Large Balloons For Business

Large balloons for business promotions.

Large balloons are an unusual and effective method for drawing traffic in to a special event or sale. The large inflatables fly high in the air with the aid of helium gas, to be seen from far and wide by thousands of passers-by. Large balloons, advertising blimps and other super size inflatable advertising balloons have a long history of successful use by many advertisers. Car dealers use them for regular daily promotion in addition to special events or seasonal messages. New businesses use large balloons to draw traffic in to their grand opening events, lighting them from the ground for nighttime visibility.

Giant 17.5 ft. Hot-air Balloon Shape Helium BalloonLarge 17.5 ft. Hot-air Balloon Shape Helium Balloon

When you drive down the highway and see a large inflatable flying high over a business, it peaks curiosity. This brings in to sales and special events many persons who otherwise would have driven right past that location. Once people arrive, the job of the balloon is done as business salespeople take over to try to make their sales opportunity become a closed deal.

Giant Diamond Shape Helium BalloonLarge Diamond Shape Helium Balloon

You can purchase your own custom large balloon for less than a print ad or radio/television ad schedule may cost. The balloon is durable and easy to manage so you can use it again and again, thus reducing your cost of the investment. Our balloons, advertising blimps and custom inflatable shapes are made from special polyurethane materials manufactured right here in the USA. They are preferred over regular PVC that can produce carcinogens. Our large balloons retain helium better, are lighter, fly better, last longer and are wrinkle free upon inflation even after storage.

Giant 17 ft. advertising blimp with Ferrari logoGiant 17 ft. advertising blimp with Ferrari logo

It is an excellent choice to purchase or rent large balloons or other custom inflatable for your promotional efforts. Their very large size means your message will be highly visible over long distances. Giant balloons are guaranteed to attract much wanted attention.

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